120GB overkill for boot drive?

Just wondering this, or would it be a good size as I could put all my programes on it but leave the bulky stuff on the spinner?
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  1. i use an 80gb ssd myself.. i have some leftover space for programs still.

    if you have alot of programs or files that you want very quick access to then going with a 120gb ssd is a good idea. if all you want on the ssd are the os, a few programs and maybe a few files then an 80gb is fine.
  2. What version of Windows are you using and how much space does it take approximately?
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    Not overkill.
    With 8GB of RAM a fresh install of Windows 7 will use about 35GB of space. A 60GB SSD has between 51 and 55 GB of usable space.

    However, Microsoft updates, System Restore etc after a few months I was up to 60GB of space.

    It really depends on how you use your system but I strongly recommend 120GB (111GB usable).
  4. Only a $40 difference between 60 and 120 anyway. Think I'll go for the 120. Thanks!
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  6. The consensus is that a 120GB solid state drive is the "sweet spot" for now. Typically users will have plenty of capacity to install Microsoft Windows 7, software applications, utilities, and games. Data files, movies, photos, backups, temporary files, and odds and ends can be stored on a hard disk drive.

    I have Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64 installed on my ssd. After doing all the updates, patches, and fixes it uses about 22.5 GB of space. Other veterans are reporting similar results. We did a few space saving tweaks to limit the size of the OS. For example, regularly scheduled backups are stored on a hard disk drive instead of the ssd.

    photonboy - Sounds like you didn't do any of the space saving tweaks.
  7. I was looking at the OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB but a lot of the reviews are saying that the drive fails after short usage or never works at all. What one would you recommend?
  8. Intel, Samsung, or Crucial would be good choices.

    The way things have worked out I am inclined to say go by best sale price among the three.
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