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Buying first mobo n00b questions/suggestions

titles says the gist, i'll just lay em out. want to run an i5 760 and an evga gtx465. use computer primarily for audio recording/editing, moderate gaming. student.

if two mobos have all the same connections and chipset, what is the difference in brand? is it related to bios?

any good reference regarding noob mobo info sites/articles would be very helpful

i feel like i just need a basic board, but i'm afraid to buy something that will suck, or is inadequate for my needs.

noticed some boards have a 90 degree flip on sata ports. is this purely cosmetic for ease of cable maneuvering?

any particularly trusty brand that seems good across the board?

dont really need to overclock, stock should be sufficient for my purposes, but perhaps down the road. also no intention of sli/crossfire.

ideal motherboard will be lga 1156, 1 pciEx16 2.0, pci expansion slots have always been interesting, offhand thinking tv tuner-sound card-wireless, but have no idea what a raid controller is/purpose, only getting one hard drive

what are these fancy firmware things i've been seeing like msi's "drmos" and "oc genie", or gigabye's "dual bios"? do they really play a large role?

for now this is the board i'm eyeballing: MSI P55-CD53

I realize i've thrown a lot of nooberiety at this post, and i appreciate anyone who offers insight, even if it is ball breaking. constructive help appreciated. gotta post now, before i foget--the meds are kicking in......
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. There is such a guide to help you. I would check here first:
  2. Yes, thank you. Have had intimate relations with the buying guide.

    Questions most curious about regarding brand bios differences, advantages/disadvantages.
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    Good. There are differences in brands, but its mostly personal experience. For example, ASUS and ASRock are sister companies, and offer similar mobos, but a lot of people have had bad experience with the ASRock tech support, and as a result, swear on their lives that they will never buy from ASRock again.

    Another related issue is the Foxconn brand. Very good quality, but their recent media attention has caused consumers to look to other manufacturers for their computer components.

    The 90 degree angles on the SATA ports are not for cosmetic, they are for the ease of installation. I can't tell you enough how many times i've wished my mobo had that feature.

    Things like "OC genie" are overclocking utilities that aid users in configuring their mobos for oc-ing. They essentially make the OC process easier.
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