Acer laptop stuck startup repair

when i press my power button to turn on my laptop it just goes to the black screen and says its booting up but it doesnt load. the F8 button does not work either.
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  1. Sounds like your OS is corrupted. I would do a restore / reload of the OS.
  2. Disconect any external device (like usb sticks, etc) and try again

    You can try boot from cd (change boot order in bios to set cd rom first) and press R for recovery console.
    Type 1, hit enter, type password or just hit enter if U don't have one, and type
    chkdsk /r /f and hit enter. Let it check.

    You can try setting your bios to default. (f2 or del at startup)

    You can try Hirren boot cd to scan and other stuffs,0301-32451.html

    Some PC's have their own tests at startup, (like hard drive test, memory test) .See if yours has that or not.

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