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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of installing a brand spanking new Phenom X6 1090T BE into my Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P based, 8GB RAM, Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit system. Originally, this same system had a Phenom X4 965 BE.

Performance has been awesome across the board except for one nagging thing. I use Firefox as my primary web browser. At times, Firefox seems to pause when loading pages and becomes unresponsive. The pause seems to clear in a few seconds. When using other browsers, such as Chrome or IE, they aren't displaying the same pause.

Otherwise, all is good. Has anyone else seem similar issues with Firefox or any other apps with the X6 CPUs? If so, have you found any "fixes" for those issues?

Have a HOOAH day!!!

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  1. Personally, it sounds more like a hard drive issue, when i updated my laptop hardrive to 7200 rpm, lag in Firefox like what your describing was eradicated. I would test the HDD before blaming the CPU. Even though you put in a new one. Just my suggestion.
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    Yeah, sounds like hang ups while accessing the disk cache. For the time being disable disk caching in the options menu. Should clear up the issue.
  3. HDDs are good. No hardware issues at all.

    Disabling disk caching did help. Odd, never noticed the same problem when I had the Phenom X4 965 BE installed. Could have been there as well, just not noticed.

    BTW, a HDD issue would cause problems with other apps. Easy to rule out through observation and diagnostics.

    Thanks for the input/suggestions. HOOAH!!!
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