Anyone knows where to get this mobo?

Heii everyone

I kinda got a problem. I got a mobo that's out capuzz dead.
Maybe doesn't sound like a big problem, cuz it's easy to get a new one.
However this case is kinda different, cuz it's a laptop mobo. And the mobo for my laptop ain't that well-known.
So i'm asking here. Does any of you know, where to get a LA-4241 mobo? (sometimes also called JHT 00 / 01)
The laptop is a Compal HL90 aka JHL90. It got quite a few more model names.

U can see the mobo here i need:

But of what i've heard, this company is just some kind of scam.

I hope someone can help me, cuz i really can't find another shop to buy it from.

Thank you so much
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  1. A quick search with Google would seem to indicate that their customer service is, umm, sub-optimal.
  2. Yea. But also read lots of reviews on they sent the wrong parts and sometimes didn't even send the order.
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