Transfering a drive with windows 7 on it

Hi I am going to attempt my first build. I have a desktop with win 7 on it can I just transfer my Hard drive to my new pc and have it boot up with windows 7. It was not an OEM version of Win 7 it was an upgrade from oem vista.
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    nope ...

    .. As far as I know, you have to call the "validation help line" at MS and convince or prove that you aren't jackin' a copy. They might give you a new code for your copy.

    It is tied to the mobo ID.

  2. wait ... what I said was for OEM ... Retail, IDK.
  3. Thanks for the help. I guess I will install everything and call microsoft and tell them I changed out my mobo and processor. Hopefully they will give me a new code.
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