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What should I know when switching brands? (Nvidia -> ATI)

I sold my 9600 and ordered the 5770, both are from XFX. Do I really have to reformat? I googled this topic but most results where from 2004-2005ish, so I figured I should ask you guys. :)

My PC has both Win7 and WinXP. Solutions for both OS would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
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    NO. Whoever told you that you had to reformat must be crazy.

    ...No, not really. But it is a very wrong notion. You just have to uninstall the older drivers (The NVIDIA drivers) and install the new ones (The ATI Catalyst drivers). This goes for both Win7 and XP.

    Optionally, you can use a program called driversweeper to make sure that there are no remnants of the older drivers.
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