Replacing PSU on my HP COMPAQ 8000 Elite...please help!

this question is for the people who have similar HP PC as the mobo and PSU configuration is very different than the industry standard/default.
i need to replace the power supply on my HP Compaq 8000 elite pc, and i am very confused as it is very different than any other standard mobo...need help connecting the cables on my new PSU:

1- The mobo does not have a standard 24 or 20+4 pin for the main power, and my PSU has them! it seems the mobo is connected with the psu through a 6 pin PCI express cable for main power? is that correct? could i connect the new psu with the mobo through the PCI -E power cable tp provide main power and not use the 20+4 cable at all?

2- there is a mysterious 6 pin cable connected to the mobo that is labeled P2. is this the aux power cable?, my new psu does not have this cable, is it necessary to connect this cable to the mobo or not?

3- all the peripherals (HDD and DVD rom) on my pc seem to be connected from the mobo and not the psu. should i keep this configuration or disconnect the cables between the mobo and these devices and connect directly from the new psu?

4- if my new psu will work (assuming there is no need for the aux 6 pin cable which my new psu doesnt have)), please confirm there are only two cables to connect between the psu and the mobo which are the PCI express 6 pin to provide main power and the 4 pin CPU power cable and not use the 20+4 power cable? also advise if to connect the peripherals (HDD and DVD rom) directly from the new psu or keep the curect configuration (which is, all these devices draw their power thru cables from the mobo) in which case the SATA connectors from my new PSU will not be used?

your urgent assistance is highly appreciated as i need to do this fast. please anyone help!!!!

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  1. I've uploaded an image for this mysterious cable which only resembles the ancient 6 pin aux power cable that even my pentium 4 doesn't have......

    Uploaded with
    this is it......can anyone identify this cable?

    Uploaded with
    and this is the socket it goes into, also notice next to it on the left the PCI-E (i think) cable that is providing the main power for the mobo, where oddly there is no 24 pin main power connector.
    and to the right, the sata power connectors pwr 1 and pwr 2 powering the HDD and the DVD rom I/O the default configurationm which is both these drives should be powered directly by the psu.

    i don't understand why HP have to do this proprietary products that are sooo different??
  2. hp sucks lol.
  3. YES....exactly....I got so frustrated with all this non-standard crap they do, i called my local retailer and demanded to return the device and get a refund, he said he will check and revert back, otherwise, those are $800 down the drain!!!!
  4. haha.....check this out...

    i turned this ugly piece of garbage....

    Uploaded with

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  5. ya The elites PSU are very strange. im having the same problem. i currently have the 8000 elite with a quad core @ 3.0. 4 gb of ddr3 1333 and an ATI 5770. Im very surprised to see this run on a 320 w psu, which probably isnt safe i know. Im currently looking for a PSU to replace this so i can go for the 5870. Ill even go for an off brand.
  6. I wouldn't worry about that 6 pin cable. It was designed to to provide a little more power to the motherboard. It does the same thing as the "+4" part of a main PSU connector. And even that's not really necessary most of the time.

    An informal history lesson:
    Long ago, PSU's had 20 pin PSU connectors and everything was powered from the motherboard. Components became more power hungry. So they added the 6 pin connector.

    PSU connectors went to 24 pins. The four extra pins were one each 3.3, 5, and 12 volts and a ground. CPU's got their own 12 volt connector and 12 volt power through the main power plug dropped. And the 6 pin connector went away.

    Video cards got bigger and got their own 12 volt power connectors and 5 volt power through the main power plug dropped.

    RAM went from SDRAM (3.3 volts) to DDR2 and DDR3 (1.65 - 2.2 volts) and 3.3 volt power through the main power plug dropped.

    A semi-modern, mid-level motherboard, say something like a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L, needs less than 1 amp at 12 volts for itself, about 4 amps at 5 volts, and about 6 amps at 3.3 volts for 2 GB of DDR2 RAM.

    The 20 pin part of the main power connector has plenty of capacity.
  7. smn_1010, how you solve problem with 6 pin aux power cable? Disconnect it?
    And main power connector is the same as a PCI-E 6 pin power cable or not?

    I have the same problem... :(

    Thank you!
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