Seagate 3TB HDD reporting only 746.1GB

I recently purchased a Seagate ST3000DM001 hybrid hard drive (3TB capacity). When I tried to partition it, it only reported 746GB as the disk size. Any ideas? ? ? Thanks
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  1. Hello,

    We need more information than that to help you out. We need to know your motherboard (exact model name), operating system (are you using XP or windows 7 or mac, or linux?) 32 bit, or 64bit OS?

    Is this HDD supposed to be just an add on, or are you trying to use it for your main OS?
  2. Hi Chainzsaw, Thanks for the response. I have actually done a bit more research on this issue and have found info that should get me out of this jam. Depending upon which OS you are using, you have to do different things in order to use a HDD larger than 2.2TB. Seagate actually has info on how to do this at If you are using XP 32bit (which I am) you have to download a 144MB disc wizard (from Seagate) that allows you to access data beyond the 2.2TB limit. I think the vendor from which I bought this HDD should have warned me about this shortcoming in it's literature. It's doable, but I might have bought a 2TB drive to avoid this issue. I'll get there albeit after a few hoops! Thanks again.
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