Please Help! HD4890 artifacts in games in a new system

I have just built a new system running windows 7 32bit with a HD4890. It is fine in windows but if I run a 3D game green squares are scattered about the screen and there are a few strange vertices everynow and then. These artifacts appear immediately too, even with the case open and GPU fan forced to 100%. GPU-Z tells me the max. temperature is in the 70s. It doesnt seem to be heat related and I have an Antec Earthwatts 650W PSU which should be up to the job. Or am I wrong? Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have the Catalyst 10.2 latest driver. Installed the latest chipset driver too. And the rest of my sytem is

*Phenom II x4 955 BE
*GA-MA785GMT-us2h mobo
*2GB DDR3 1333
*ANtec EA650 PSU
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  1. Chipset driver being the HD3200 driver? You should really only use your card's drivers.

    Downclock the HD4890 a bit using CCC. (about 20core/35mem)

    Try the card in another computer.
  2. Load speed fan or pcwizard to check your volts if they give readings that are no good then go into the bios and check there. If the voltage on the 12v source is 11.35 or lower then you got an issue with power. If they are good then test the card in another box if possible or test an old card to rule out the board being the problem.
  3. Thanks for replies. I'll have a go.
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