i3 530/540 (OC) + 5770 - bottleneck?

So for the past month, my PC has been complete aside from the CPU/mobo.
During the past month, I've been waiting on a CPU/mobo combo deal from Fry's :fou:

My build so far:

Video Card

It's going to be predominantly for gaming.

I'm definitely thinking of going the Intel route on this one; LGA 1156.

But after reading and thinking about these 2 articles:
Is Intel's Core i3-530 Fast Enough For Performance Gaming?
Overclocking: Get The Performance Of A Core i5 From Core i3
I'm thinking go with an i3 and OC the heck out of it!

Fry's has ~$100 i3 cpu/mobo combo's pretty often:

The mobo:


Seeing as Fry's combo deal for i5's and i7's are steadily increasing in price (or sometimes aren't deals at all) the i3 option is more appealing.

My question: will I experience any bottleneck while gaming with an OC'd (4.0 Ghz+) i3 and my video card?


- Anthony
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  1. You won't experience any bottlenecking on stock unless its a CPU bound or quad optimized CPU heavy game.

    Remember most games are still using 2 cores meaning on most games you virtually have i7 performance.

    Look how i3 keeps up with the big dogs on 5870 crossfire...

    Crysis warhead,


    Farcry 2 is more CPU heavy with more quad core optimizations.

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