Horrible Building Experience

I was just horrified by my experience building a computer. I had everything right according to the

manual and the customer service people i spoke too but nothing would show up on my monitor. I checked

the beeps and the customer service guy said something was wrong with my motherboard, after I spoke to

him I tested my computer by taking the ram out and putting it back in and then a little smoke came out of a

ram socket in the motherboard! I almost had a died after seeing that. Will new egg still return my mother

board and ram, the mobo has nothing visually wrong with it looks perfect, one ram stick has a small burn on

the far edge that is barely visible. Are they easy to return stuff to?
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  1. Typo: I almost died after seeing that
  2. Newegg should except the components back specially if within 30-days. If Newegg won't, the actual manufacturer's will but it will take a bit longer.

    Sorry to hear of your bad experience :( It isn't always that bad and I'm sure you did everything right but just got DOA components.
  3. Thanks, I will take the parts back and rebuild under my uncles supervision just to

    make sure I didn't do something wrong.
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