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So I'm using a Crucial M4 128GB SSD and running Windows 7 and the disk usage stats are giving me fits. With the SSD being so small, I'm trying to save space wherever I can. The drive capacity is listed as 119GB. The pie chart says that I have used 113GB, Yet when I add the size of everything within the C:// Drive folder, it only adds up to 100GB (yes, I show hidden/system files). I can't figure out where 10% of my drive's space has gone or what it's being used for! Please help.

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  1. System restore points and the paging file -- you can do away with both.
  2. RealBeast said:
    System restore points and the paging file -- you can do away with both.

    I had already reduced the size of my allocated space for system restore to about 2GB (it's currently at 1.8GB), and I adjusted my page file (I have 8GB of RAM, so it was consuming 8103MB worth of space). I moved the 8GB page file to my secondary drive (HDD) and set it at 8103-8303MB), and set a smaller one on my SSD (1024-1536MB). The page file on my SSD and the system restore now equal roughly 3GB, but I'm still getting a discrepancy in my C:// usage: 107GB vs. 101GB. So even when factoring in the above 3GB, I'm still missing roughly 3GB of space. Any thoughts?
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    Those two are usually most of the difference, but it might be worth running CCleaner, which is free ( -- the analysis will show you how much is in temp/tmp folders that you can reclaim.
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