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I need a quick replacement SSD drive for my notebook, the drive went from 0 to 7 to 13 to 31 reallocated sectors in the last 48 hours. I need this for school and looking for a good drive for a good price.

The drive has to be at least 120GB and I am looking less than $150 (unless there is a ridiculous good deal)

These are four on sale and was hoping to see what others knew/could tell me about them as far as which to choose:


If anyone knows of any other good sales going on that would be great. It looks like a good deal runs about $1 / GB.

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  1. Hello,

    What previous SSD did you have? I'm just curious myself.

    I've heard really good things about the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos, so that wouldn't be too bad of choice.

    Edit: How about a Crucial M4?


    I currently own this exact one...it's been quite reliable. Please note it's the 7mm version - so it is extra thin, versus the regular 9mm SSD's/HDDs.
  2. I had a regular HDD (Notebook: Portege R705-p35) it was not an SSD. I think the SSD would help me avoid the fact that this one only lasted over a year.

    At the price of the one you (seems to have slower write speed) linked I would almost bump up a few more $$ to go with

    This one has a 5yr warranty and 500/500 read/write speeds

    However, the original 4 i linked also have 500/500 read/write speeds as well.

    It would be nice to find one with those speeds around the $120 price range and have a 5 yr warranty.
  3. After looking at reviews and pricing the Mushkin does look like a pretty good deal
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