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I can only buy OCZ SSD's for my new computer since the package I buy only allow includence of OCZ SSD's. I've became worried from reviews about OCZ Agility 3 120 GB that its fail rate is very high. How is it currently doing? Is it worth "risking" $100 extra for this SSD atm?
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  1. It is no more failure than any other sand force based SSD! It is as good as any other in it class so go for it.
  2. I agree with Rolli. They get a pretty bad wrap over their failure rate, but performance-wise for price they are a great choice. From what I've read the newer gen seem more reliable than the OCZ Vertex 2. Provided you get one that works they are a great buy. Maybe question it with the place you are purchasing from on how they deal with RMAs on SSDs and purchase based on how confident you are that they would change it over without issue.
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