PCMark failure: N/A results?


I just finished putting together my first build. I thought a good way to make sure everything is running well would be to try some benchmarks. I'm new to this, but I downloaded and ran PCMark05. When opening, it warned me that I needed Windows Media Encoder 9, but even after installing it, and restarting, I still get this warning. Upon completion, it tells me that some of the test failed, but not which ones or why (at least I can't find that info). My results are listed as "N/A".

Here's a link to the results
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  1. I would download 3DMark Vantage over 3DMark 05. 3DMark 05 is an older program and may have compatability issues with Windows 7 (guessing this is your OS since it is new). Run Vantage and see what your outcome is.
  2. Thanks, but I'm actually having trouble with PCMark05. Incidentally however, I was using an even older version of 3DMark, so I will be sure to upgrade to Vantage.
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