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Hello everyone,

I am building a htpc from spare parts using a dell optiplex 260. I just got an old agp card that has both a vga and a S-video output. The problem is that the cover plate that came with the card, Dell 32MB ATI Radeon 7500 AGP Graphics Card 6T974, is that it is a standard hight and won't fit into the optiplex. After taking the plate off I confirmed that the card works so I want to get a small cover plate. I have blanks from the computer, but I don't have the metal working skills or tools to fab them into a plate that will work.

Can these plates be bought on line? Any one have a spare they could sell me? Any solutions are welcome.

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    Problem is each card might have the various outputs in a slightly different place so you'd need one specifically for that card layout - should be a fairly easy thing to make using the blanks you have - just trace an outline of the needed cutouts and use a dremel or even a drill to cutout as needed (wouldn't need to be exact just fairly close to the right size)

    OR you could try going to a local Computer repair shop with the card and see if they might have something there.
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