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I've got a Crucial M4 128GB SSD attached to an AUS P8Z68V-Pro/GEN3 motherboard on a SATA3 port. I have noticed that the partition type according to DISKPART is 0E, which according to Microsoft is FAT 16 bit, Win95 (

Some potentially helpful background info: My system originally came with a different SSD in it with Windows 7 X64 installed on it. I upgraded to this current SSD to get more space and to utilize the SATA3 capabilities of my board. I cloned the old SSD to the current one using True Image Home 2012 and in that process, I increased the size of the partition to max out the new SSD's partition size (~128GB vs ~80GB on the old SSD).

My system works fine, is very fast and the SSD benchmarks very well, so I am not tempted to do anything drastic about it but I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on why this is? Seems as though it should be partition type 07.
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  1. Yes, very surprising. I still had my old SSD (Intel 320 80gb) and so I substituted it for my newer SSD and fired my PC up. It shows that it is partition type 01 !! Which is FAT12. There is something very strange going on here.
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