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No room to plug in USB Card Reader Module

I have a system built on the Rampage III Extreme motherboard. My case has a front panel connector with 2 USB ports, which is connected to the USB header on the motherboard.

I also received a multi-card reader unit with the new computer that is designed to use the same USB header that my front panel connectors use.

Right now, the priority is the two front USB ports, since I'm always swapping data onto USB drives for school.

Buuuuut I might have some use for the card reader once the holiday picture taking rush starts. I don't want to have to open the case and swap cables anytime I need to read a SD card.

Is there any way I can have the card reader working, without giving up my two front panel connectors?
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  1. This might sound kinda crazy but if you can have both plugged in at the same time you could just run the card reader outside of the case :3 and have the cables go through like a fan hole or something. But leave the USBs inside of course.
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    You can't, without adding internal "pins":

    If you look carefully you'll find an internal USB port (standard port) AND a set of pins like your mobo header.
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  4. @notsonoobpcg: The issue wasn't physical space, but a spot on the motherboard to plug the card reader in. Twoboxer got what I was saying.

    Now I have to see if there's a PCIx version of that card, since my SLI set up blocks my only available PCI slot.
  5. ROFL - sorry - one obstacle after another.

    Be careful, some of those cards don't seem to have an internal header.

  6. Oh sorry :-p anyways I hope you find a PCI version. If your mobo has it try the X1 slot its usually above graphics cards so i doubt it will mess with airflow much.
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