20 - 24" Gaming monitor???


I need to get a new Monitor/TV

I have just built a new rig and will be getting a HD 5770 Vapour-X

I currently have a Dell SP2208WFP which is good, but I would like a full HD 1080p for ps3 and pc

spec's i need:
1080p (widescreen)
2 x hdmi or at least 1 x hdmi and 1 x DVI

i have been looking at this but are there any other good ones


thx tim
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  1. I personally like the ASUS and Samsung monitors over at Newegg, they are of very good quality.
  2. multiscreenz said:
    Here is a nice ASUS Monitor for cheap...


    Similar to the Asus VK246H (difference is built-in webcam) I have. Pretty good monitor for gaming with less than 2ms of input lag. Colors are pretty descent for the average user.

    See my review of the VK246H:

  3. im in the uk so props wont get it from new egg, i kinda dont want a monitor tho, because i need a tv because i need the connections etc
  4. Dell ST2410 but it only has 1 HMDI
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