Is this safe to overclock?

Processer- Amd A-4 3300M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.9GHZ
RAM 4Gb (3.48 Usable)
I wanted to overclock it to a 1.9ghz to a 2.0ghz
I have no overclocking exp.
**This is the Hp Pavillion 1117-dx laptop btw
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  1. don't screw with laptops
  2. yea... no OC for HP/DELL/ACER :D
  3. Alienware. Completely different story. The latest BIOS (I think it's A11) for the M17x R4 adds an overclocking tab for jumping up the CPU speed. That's nice, but there's still no option to turn off Hyperthreading. If I could turn off Hyperthreading then I'd be more interesed in overclocking as I'd expect to see about 10*C temp drops which mean 10*C overclocking leeway.
  4. +1 to no overclocking laptops, they have trouble enough dissipating the heat from stock clocks.
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