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I have the acer aspire AX3810 and as far as I can tell I have the Intel G43 Express Chipset. But non of my specs match those online mine are as follows:

4gig ddr3
core 2 duo 2.80ghz
ATI Radeon HD4350

It is a small form factor computer.

my thought was this graphics card as I see that as my weak point.

i am going to shop around for it so that price is not the one I am going with. Any input or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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  1. Hey-- I agree it is your weak point, but your link doesnt work.

    What kind of gaming performance are you looking for, and at what screen resolution?

    If you are looking for a small performance boost--the best low profile card you could put in there is most likely an ATI Radeon 5570.

    Otherwise, really your only option is to move your components to a full size case so that you can fit a full size graphics card and the improved power supply you would need to run it. Inexpensive cases are $20-40, and a good medium range power supply would run you $40.-- However this would let you upgrade into a pretty decent performance gaming machine.
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