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I'm looking for a low power CPU for a home file server (headless) that will stream HD video over my home network. The Mobo is an AMD AM2/AM3 socket.

I'm looking into getting a used AMD athlon x2 BE-2400 (2.3 GHz brisbane) or at least the Athlon x2 4050 (2.1 GHz) or anything above it in the "e" series.

I might even consider the $30 sempron? but the single core turns me away I dont' expect high traffic or usage so maybe this might be the way to go?

I'm unsure whether these processors will be able to handle HD video files? or does it depend on the computer playing them (i.e. the computers the file server is hosting to)

The rest of the specs of the server is
gigabyte GA-MA78LM-S2H
2 GB PC2 5300
380W earthwatts antec PSU
2 500 GB WD blue (raid 1)
Debian Lenny server edition

I'm currently using an AMD athlon 64 x2 4600+ windsor (2.4Ghz) and this can stream HD video no problem (only when connected through 100Mb LAN since it's a G network - I will update to N someday but thats another story)

Thanks in advance
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  1. My best suggestion would be to stick out an extra 20 and go with the Athlon II x2 processor, low wattage with little need for a heatsink and can definetly do HD.
  2. The "e" series is just an overclocked version of a cpu, which in the endm theoretically uses more power because it requires more power to do more work instead of smaller bursts of speed in the standard cpu.
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    They are making new 45 TDP dual cores. I would wait for those to be honest because my media server stays on 24/7 - either streaming videos to the house or streaming stuff to my phone etc. Invest in a passive video card cooler and keep 1-2 fans keep continual flow through the box. The point of a media center is to keep workable while giving as much possibilities to the user. Wattage is key here - your media center will end up costing some serious $$$$ at the end of the year if you don't keep it optimal.
  4. Thanks for the heads up about the new 45 TDP's - I was unaware of that. I see there is the athlon II x2 235e and 240e now - which retail for around $70 - it seems worth it to wait for those.

    I do not see many sites selling these right now but apprently they are out?
  5. Probably are either out or not shipped yet. Wait for them though, it will be worth the investment.
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  7. hosetly why wait. The atlonII X2 240 is a 65w part so the net savings over the 240e would be about a nickel a day and thats if you run at full load all the time. Idle power draw between the two is closer to no difference. At full load you'd need to run almost 2 years to make up for the difference in prices.

    an i5-661 is a real power miser too, often seeing total system idle power in the 30's (watts) wit the right build and often beats the 240e at full load.

    I found the article I was recalling.,2516-14.html
    The cost is a quite a bit more for the i5 build which you'd likely never recoup entirely.
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