M2N32 SLI Delux & Cold boot issue...

Hi everyone. I need some help with this.

Got a new video card for my comp (MSI GTX 460 Hawk) and about a week after installing my comp started doing something funny. When I boot after my comp has been off for a while, it will not post and I will have to shut my comp down manually and restart. After I restart, everything works fine. I don't think there are any problems with my video card itself cause its running fine once I get into windows and start gaming. Also, I have no other issues/errors once I restart and get into windows. My MoBo is an ASUS M2N-32 SLI Deluxe WiFi edition. Is it possible the video card and board are just not playing nice together? I read somewhere that I should force the DMI pool to be erased but cannot find that option in BIOS.

I have updated to the latest version of BIOS available (5002 I believe). Should I roll back to a previous version?

Will clearing the CMOS help?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Hello
    Reverting to an older BIOS may not help but its worth a try.And yes clear the CMOS/Remove the battery and see if it helps.
  2. thank you for the reply. i solved the problem. i removed and reseated the video card, seems to be working fine now. thanks again.
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