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Hi just finished my first build using 2 XFX 5770's..........sure it works fine now but i was thinking of adding in a third for TriFire but my cards are weird and only have room for a single crossfire bridge i was wondering if this is normal or if i should use my warranty and return them
here is a picture of the cards
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  1. @shadow

    if you look at the first part of the card the slot to put the crossfire connector is too wide and does not fit the connector i was wondering if the card is defective and if i should return it
  2. This is normal on the XFX card, they only have one bridge. I use a Sapphire card for my 2nd 5770 because it allows for Tri/Crossfire. The XFX card only has a single bridge so its the top card in my setup. Hope that helps!
  3. ok i was worried because all the pictures else where shows the xfx card having 2 crossfire connectors
  4. There are different models You probably got the reference model (same one I got) which was lowest priced, it only has one crossfire bridge sadly :( I remedied that problem by getting a Sapphire 5770 instead of another XFX as they do have two crossfire bridge ports.
  5. Nice pic of the three 5770's!......beautiful :o !

    Good idea about going with Sapphire for GPU #2.....i plan on getting another 5770 soon and didn't even consider that.
  6. Shh...they're not 4890's..
  7. i knew those were not 5770s
  8. +cookie for jay, :bounce:
  9. oh i hope it is a chocolate chip one
  10. With PUDDING!
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