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Whats best for quad monitors keeping under 1300
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  1. I daytrade and I wouldn't put quad monitors on one system. Dual monitors on 2 systems with a reserve PC under the desk just in case an OS carsh, hard drive crash, or PSU dies.

    If you use one system and have all four screens on it and that system hangs or freezes right before you pull the trigger... get the picture?

    Have a backup alongside with two screens so you can jump right and finish the trade. Hope you find this helpful. Good luck with your puts/calls/naked shorting.
  2. haldron said:
    Whats best for quad monitors keeping under 1300
    I guess that include the cost of 4 monitors?
    3x 20" 1600x900 LG W2040T @ $150ea
    1x 24" 1920x1080 LG W2453V $250

    HP Pavilion P6370T $550 Core i3-530, 4GB RAM and 640GB HDD $550 Supports two monitors.
    Radeon HD 4350 video card $40 for two more monitors.
  3. I'm a nvidia fan. Although you wouldn't exactly need it, an eyefinity ATI graphics card.
  4. Already have the monitors. Just looking for system
  5. ATI Eyefinity Graphics Card and AMD Quad Core with ample memory
  6. Go ahead with that HP Pavilion P6370T, add a GeForce G210 video card (that $70 is a nice markup from an actual price of around $40 but hey - they install it for you).

    And invest the rest of the $680.
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