N68-s mobo amd phenom ii x4 955 running at 800mhz

this is driving me crazy.. i have a n68-s mobo with amd phenom ii x4 955 running at 800mhz!!
i have updated my bios but i everytime i try to increase the multiplier thing above x 4 with the voltage above 1.025 i cant boot.. it is really annoying me there are no forum post online that address this issue (sorry if i sound rude). my friend who knows a bit more than me about these things is saying its not cool and quite (i have changed power settings to performance) and updating the bios should have done the trick.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me crazy..


ps. i have been online for over 6 hours now without finding any useful info. please help me!!
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  1. Your board does not support the 955, it only has support for 95W CPUs up to the 945

    The 955 is not supported by your board, sorry.
  2. Have to agree with hunter315, your board doesn't support the cpu because it's power draw is too high.
  3. All true, but its behavior is still surprising. The board does support C3 chips. Thats usually enough for them to run. How long on a 95 watt board is another story.

    ASROCK is an ASUS subsidiary and I have seen this on Asus boards. In those cases, it appeared to be a buggy bios. Yours may be as well. You could try an older bios, as long as there is one that supports that cpu revision. You may also try bumping the multiplier using a windows utility.

    Just remember that if you do get it working, it may be too much power draw for that board.
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