Hi guys. Im looking into buying a new graphics card and was looking at a 9800GT
My pc specs are:

Model - S5306UK

Processor - Pentium(R) dual core CPU E5300 @ 2.60 GHz


Windows 7 64bit

And was wondering if the 9800 would be a good card to go for with this pc?

And is the 9800 capable of running new games such as Modern Warfare 2 and Napoleon Total war?

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  1. Nope wont even fit but there is a low profile 9600gt that you can get.
  2. Would that run new games and such?

    Also what about cards like the GTX250/260?
  3. Check the system size, according to the HP website, you have a slimline system which will demand a low profile or half height card.
    Also the powersupply is too weak for the 9800 and is unlikely to feature any 6 pin PCI-E connectors:


    Without changing the powersupply (which my prove difficult with a slimline case), I would say your safest option would be the HD4650, but, again, check the case size, before making a decision.
  4. The PC is a slimline model.

    And the case is

    30.5 cm high
    40cm Lengthwise
    10.5cm across
  5. WarlordZjiin said:
    The PC is a slimline model.

    And the case is

    30.5 cm high
    40cm Lengthwise
    10.5cm across

    That is why I hate those types you can't fit any thing in them hell I got a card that is almost as long as your case and have seen controller cards that were even larger. I once found a IBM winchester that is larger than your whole comp trust I build and work on my computers.

  6. Would the 9600 or HD4650 be able to run games like Modern warfare 2 on my pc specs?
  7. Get the 9800GT low profile. Most powerful LP card you can get.
  8. And if runs it, any idea what detail level?
  9. Really?

    I thought both those cards were outdated and the pc itself was pretty weak?
  10. It has great performance, but I just realized you will need a new PSU. You'll need the Eco edition, which is incredibly slower.
  11. Im completley dumb when it comes to pc's, so can you explain that in dumbed down terms? :L

    I got ripped with this pc because im slow with pc stuff :L
  12. WarlordZjiin said:
    Im completley dumb when it comes to pc's, so can you explain that in dumbed down terms? :L

    I got ripped with this pc because im slow with pc stuff :L

    That is why I learned when I was a noob on cheap junk before making any major purchase.
  13. So, without changing the pc in anyway.

    What would be the best card for me to get?

    I want to play games like Modern warfare 2 and Napoleon total war :L
  14. PSU = Power-Supply. Yours is 220W.

    ECO is Ecosystem. It's a term when a piece of hardware is 'green' and uses less power. There is often a cost to that power, such as reduced performance.
  15. Okay.

    How'd you find that out? :l
  16. So basically i have to buy more or less a new pc?

    When i didnt buy this very long ago?
  17. The 5570 is a low profile card and is more powerful than the 4650. For a low profile machine with a weak PSU it's probably the best you can do.

  18. And roughly how much will this cost?..
  19. Yeah..

    I think i'll stick to console gaming.

    All this pc gaming *** seems to be way to expensive after its all said and done.
  20. I think after all this i'll pass.

    This is why i never liked PC gaming in the first place >.<

    Too big a waste of money imo :/
  21. I have a PS3.

    I was gonna switch to PC gaming, but after all this hassle and needing to spend around another £150 i find its really really not worth it.

    So i'll stick to using my pc for browser games, occasional work or research and ofc, porn XD
  22. No i dont, never played MGS at all :/

    And why try pc gaming? Because i've heard so many good things about it and a mate convinced me to try it.

    But :P
  23. Lol :L
  24. Haha :P

    Im just waiting for games like BC2 and the 2 GTA4 extensions to come out XD
  25. Yeah.

    MAG has good online play. But serious lack of weapon availability and maps get boring quick :P
  26. Its okay.

    But not worth the RRP.

    It'd be a good game at £20 or so, but not £40.

    Been so many games just failing recentley :P
  27. GeForce 512Megabite x295 SATAII HDD - Was just recommended to me?

    Any good?
  28. Is'nt that Xbox and PC online?
  29. Only*
  30. Yeah :P

    Was trying to get as many ideas as possible as to what i can and cant get :P
  31. I doubt it.

    This PC has a TERRIBLE chip :L
  32. Idk.

    Tbh, ANYTHING is better than the one i have right now :/
  33. And how good is a 8600GT?
  34. And that eXtreme calc thing. no idea how to fill that in XD
  35. I'll look into it :P

    Its definatley better than mine atm.

    Im scared to even say its name for being lold at:L
  36. *Sigh*

    The chipset im on now is a Intel G41 Express chipset. Absoloute *** :L

    I mean.. the scores my pc get on the window 7 rating are'nt bad.

    Processor - 6.1

    RAM - 5.9

    Hard drive - 5.9


    Graphics - 4.1

    Gaming graphics - 3.5(!!!)
  37. Quote:
    Yeah the 9500GT is nice. DDR3 FTW

    It's not much of a gaming card though, for 2D and HD playback it's OK but not gaming.
  38. Mousemonkeys confused me more :/
  39. 6.2 to be precise but with only 36SP's it struggles with any games later than the 2005 era.
  40. I dont understand how MW2 is "not hard to run" :/
  41. So what would you recommend mousemonkey? Given my really low PSU thing?
  42. WarlordZjiin said:
    Mousemonkeys confused me more :/

    I have a 9500GT, hence why I know more about it. A 9600GT or GT240 is the minimum for gaming, the 240 should use less power as it has a 40nm GPU as opposed to the 9600 which has the older 65nm part but it's the SP's that make the difference and the 9600 has 64 and the 240 has 96.
  43. So bearing in mind my PC is a slimline model with 220w PSU

    What would be the besT?
  44. And that youtube link of the guy playing MW2 on a 9500 is pretty good :K
  45. The GT240 needs about 70w 20 more than the 9500GT but with nearly three times the core count it will give you a much better gaming experience, then look to get a 300-350w PSU regardless of what you card you choose.
  46. So will a GT240 run on my current psu?

    And will it fit? as my pc is a slimline
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