Heat issues with i7 930, frustration

HEllo, I put together an i7 930 1366 system a few weeks ago and have been having some TEMP issues, nothing risky or anything like that but when I was running the stock heatsink I would idle around 47 - 58 and sometimes up to 63, under prime 95 I would getup to 75-80 which I did not want so I picked up a h50 corsair cooler and thought it would help a lot, my temps were still around the same, 47-55 idle temps and under load 60-75, this is all with stock bios settings and hyperthreading disabled I tried re-applying thermal paste, I tried a few different kinds, Still same temps so I decided okay this is not gona work out so I purchased a megahalems cpu cooler and just installed it, I idle around the same as the h50 cooler, mabey 1 or 2C lower, I have prime 95 open right now and hyperthreading enabled I am a little bit under 70C with stock bios settings, I have my side window off as well so it should be a little less warm, mabey idle at 40? In a lot of the reviews it idles in the low 30's with an i7. My northbridge on this motherboard is also getting really warm, Idle around 55 and I have seen it get up to 65 -70 with prime 95 but usually it hangs around 61-63. Any help would be great.

I am really upset and frustrated

Oh and I have a thermaltake supranors mid tower case with a 120mm fan blowing out the back of the case, around 1600 rpm's and a corsair 4 pin fan blowing air on the right side of the heatsink blowing air through it and I feel a good amount of air blowing out the back of the case, I also have a 120mm fan blowing in from the front and I was unable to keep the 120mm fans on the side window because the heatsink is too big for it. so I have a 80MM fan blowing towards the heatsink and another 80MM blowing up towards my video card which has good idle temps, around 50C.

What should I do? It seems like no matter what my temps don't change. I am using programs like real temp, cpuid hw monitor, core temp, and they all match the bios temp.

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  1. Repeat after me: if you can touch the heatsink without burning your finger, then you're fine. Inaccurate temps is a common issue. You've done your best, now Leave it alone unless you get instability. The more you mess with it, the more likely you will create a more serious problem.
  2. The heatsink feels okay, I havent felt where it is at next to the cpu I will touch there.

    Is there any possible way I can fix the temp sensors? I really would like to know my accurate temps. Mabey its a placebo effect in terms of me feeling satisfied.
  3. I just touched the actual heatpipes and they felt warm while having prime 95 open at 54C, However the northbridge is really hot, I cant keep my finger on there for longer then 3 seconds without it burning really bad, it's idle at 58C right now and I have seen it get up to 64C
  4. You can change the northbridge heatsink, which voids the warranty. A hot northbridge is a common problem. Instability is the only issue which matters; if you change heatsinks, save the old one in case you ever need to rma the board someday. Newegg has some enzotech copper heatsinks that might fit. First, try removing the old one and scrape off any thermal material and try whatever brand of paste you have. One drop in the center will work fine; I always use a single edge razor blade to spread thermal paste. Then check your temps again. You may also be able to use a 40mm fan on top of your original heatsink. It might lower temps more, if you don't mind the noise.
  5. The H50 can't compete with the best air coolers and it also reduces case air flow ..... my guess is that is a significant part of your problem. The other is that the SopranoRS isn't much of an overclocker's case in the first place with just two fans.

    With a good heat sink ....and a bit of voltage tweaking, you should be able to get to 4 Ghz w/o exceeding 72C. Suggestions:

    1. Pick a top end cooler.....I'm with benchmark reviews with the selection of the Megahalems ($65) as the top choice and the Scythe 2100 as the top budget choice ($35)


    The Mega is generally considered to have the easiest most foolproof installation which is also a big benefit.

    2. Suggest that you follow manufacturer's instructions rather than anectdotal forum accounts. For example, the following advisories counter a lot of common advice:

    TIM Application

    3. Do a good burn in..... I wouldn't run a CPU at the numbers you've already hit as an everyday thing but getting it up a bit above the temps it will normally run at for a few minutes will help set the TIM.

    4. In the early days of the last build I did, I saw high NB / SB temps but noticed that they dropped significantly after about 2 weeks. I can contribute some of it to setting the TIM but also did a BIOS update which may have contributed some.

    5. You can reseat the NB/ SB w/o voiding the warranty.

  6. I picked up a megahalems cooler, it was working great before the weather changed and it's really hot in here, but I can usually run prime 95 without going over 45-55 depending on ambient temp but there is still something wrong here with the cpu temps. I recently applied arctic silver after removing the paste that came with the magahalems which has good reviews and my temps went down quite a bit. I applied a perfectly flat layer with about a bb size of paste and mounted the heatsink on without even shaking it at all. my temps have been soo irratic. I have tried everything, I got some new scythe fans, it doesn't seem to make a difference with what fans I use whether its at 2000 rpms or 800, the temps are within 1-2C of eachother. how long does AS5 take to cure and run its best? its been 3 days now, I have ran a lot of burn ins. I might consider doing a bios update if I know it will work 100% and I don't have to risk messing anything up because its simple. hopefully that will be the case.

    I will look back at these posts tomorrow if I missed anything I prolly will end up editing this message lol. I am tired. I gotta go to bed but I really appreciate your responses. Keep in touch thanks!
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