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plz help...i hv done something wrong wid b.tweaker(on service menu).m using amd e-450 sony vaio/ now my cpu/core speed goes down only 850mhZ.wen i startup my pc core speed is only850mhZ.if i use b.tweaker and click on service menu its shows (value of'3' is not valid for 'value''value' shuld be between 'minimum' and 'maximum' parameter name;value.) plz help experts i m in truble.....tnx.
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  1. can you set it to default? run prime 95 to load your cpu and use cpu z to see your frequency..newer processors will downlock themselves when not in heavy use to preserve energy and run cooler
  2. tnx,bt m tryd ds it shows only 850mhZ and NB is 1-347Mhz(IN cpu-Z),m not an exprt bt m discovrd ds,my cpu's "p0 is d maximum performance state"now before every startup i must change my p2 sate n VID to get d actul speed...wat shuld i hv 3 do now...???tnx...
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