Runescape lagging on Radeon 4870 / Phenom 955

Hey guys I know runescape isn't the greatest game out there, but please bare with me. My system should be running this game without lag since I can play mw2 and gta 4 maxed out no problem. When I play runescape i get horible fps even in low detail and I have no idea how to make it run properly.
All help appreciated

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  1. Probably incorrectly installed java.
  2. okay so how to i completely reinstall java to make it work?

  3. You should be able to uninstall it form your add or remove programs list, then go to and download the latest version.
  4. Internet connection also has something to do with it.
  5. I re installed java and my fps is still quite bad. I also tried going into fullscreen mode and it crashed with screen flickering. I am on windows 7 btw.
  6. hmm, maybe disable hardware acceleration?
  7. What's your combat?!
  8. Try running a speedtest - it sounds like your internet connection is horrible.

    Runescape has, quite literally, ZERO need for an HD4870 or any graphics card with more than 64Mb or DX7 and that's the HD version. My son plays this all the time and on some pretty crappy hardware. It's broswer based and almost totally dependent on your internet connection.
  9. *** then maybe its not compatible with windows 7? I did speedtest and my internet is fine. I am still getting horible fps...........damn......
  10. 7600GT/HD4650 running good on all high settings.
  11. Does anybody have any idea why it is lagging? Also i just realized that the game is automatically switching to safe mode when the fps get really crummy? Are there any other RS players out there? lol
  12. I am, silly. I play on full 4xAA, everything, on full-screen 1920x1080 on a 7600GT, and it's running just fine.
  13. I cant figure out why its not working on my computarr
  14. hi moopato.
    i play runescape too, my name there is majky_95 (130cmb - in mmb)
    i have these problems too. i have ati radeon 4850 HD, 1.5GB RAM and 1.8GHz AMD procesor. i found your post
    by browsering google. problem is that i played over 5 months ago, i played on SD and with no lags but i decided to play again week ago and i cant get more then 15 fps. i did re-run auto setup, and it gives me to almost highest details , and i have same fps on these settings as on min. in fixed window. because of this i uinstalled vista because i thought it was because of it, and i inastlled windost 7 but my problem is still here anyways. btw sory for my english. if u found any solution, please share with me, ill do the same if ill find any
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