Orderd a set of logitech Z-5500s now i have a few questions.

ok so i orderd a set of z-5500s and i have a few questions which will be listed below.

1. whats the best sound card to pair up with it ?

2. will my Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series cut it ?

3. or would i be better off using the audio on my P6X58D Premium be better ?
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  1. Your Sound Blaster is plenty good to accompany those 5500's.. As for the onboard stuff, its not worth giving a thought also.. Especially when you've such a good sound card at your disposal..
  2. i am a bit of a noob to this audio stuff but how do i setup my sound card to run the z-5500 because doesnt the z-5500 control unit have better DTS abilities than my sounds card ?
  3. How would it be better? It either works or it doesn't.
  4. astrallite said:
    How would it be better? It either works or it doesn't.

    what do you mean by how would it be better?
  5. Yes its better considering its hardware DTS ability.. But still it relies on the input from the line source.. The point of sound card in your setup is neat and clean audio.. As for setting up your sound card, just set it up to deliver 5.1 audio by default..
  6. use your soundcard, to do the decoding and... encoding,

    i doubt the z-5500 DAC is better then the Fatal1ty Professional Series
  7. I am using a sound blaster x-fi fatality pro series with the z-5500, tested with Crysis, MW2 and some music and it works like a charm!
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