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95W TDP motherboard with 125W TDP processor

I upgraded my motherboard from a Biostar 740G to a Biostar A785GE motherboard after being suggested that on one of the forums. This motherboard has a max TDP support of 95W while my processor AMD 6000+ 3GHz X2 has a 125W TDP. The system fired up fine and worked with many glitches for the one and half years I used the 740G which also has a 95W TDP.

When I reached home I realised the forum users ACTUALLY sugested the Biostar TA785GE motherboard which supports 125W TDP with additional DDR2 RAM slots and Sata slots.

It's my mistake (and also the shopkeeper's) that I missed the lettering on the MoBo box.

My question is - should I continue using this motherboard with my processor? Even if the processor works fine with the MoBo is it safe to continue with it in the future or is it worth looking for a replacement?

Thanks for any help.
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    As long as your system has good airflow and cooling AND you don't overclock, you should be fine. Essentially, your CPU is putting more heat stress on the motherboard than it was designed to support.

    Because of this, I would return the motherboard, if possible, because the longevity of it is suspect. Good luck!
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