Gtx 680 OC?

Im currently using Evga 680 SC GPU... And since its an expesnive card i thought i'd overlock it but ive found some temperature issues on load stock settings... On idle it sits on 21c but on load (stress test) it will stay average 75 with max 79c all in stock setting... The fan usage is at 50% and i can tweak it to go higher but noise becomes really over whelming qith only 5~ in temp difference... I know nvidia does not want people tweaking voltage and im sure my GPU is also voltage locked since i bought it late.... So as far as OC goes only option would be using percision X utility? And if i max power consumtion to 130% would the GPU become too hot?

Im getting around 9954 in 3DMark11 and would love to hit 10k haha...

My specs are
i5 3570k @ 4.1ghz w CM 212 evo
Evga gtx 680 SC signiture edition
Cosiar Vengence 8gb 1866Mhz
Samsung 830 SSD 120gb
CM silent pro Gold 800w PSU
CM HAF 932 Adv tower case
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  1. you can try using msi afterburner, they have gpu voltage settings
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