CCC 10.2

Anyone have problems with the drivers ? seems like dirt2 runs like *** with them. a lot of lag shuttering with them around corners of the track, didnt seem to do this before.

Only way to get it to run smooth its to set rez @ 1360x768 lowering setting don't help.

anyone else having this problem or a fix ?

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  1. Also is this a problem on AMDs website ? i cant get the drivers for 64 bit

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    I never upgraded from 9.12 HF, so I can't say. These (10.2) were supposed to improve performance. One thing I do that substantially improves performance (don't know why) is to go into the config files (in My Games folder) and set the game to start in Windowed mode. Then I manually put it into fullscreen (alt-enter) and the game runs great (and still looks great). No idea what this actually does or why it helps, but that's what I do whenever I play.
  3. So on the 9.12 CCC you dloaded it then put the 9.12 HF on top for did you remove the 9.12 then just use 9.12 HF ?

    You got a link for the 9.12 HF i tryed a few this morning and seems just the drivers are loading not the CCC


    i will have to try that windows mode thing
  4. The 9.12 Hotfix is the Entire driver set, CCC, and all optional downloads (so it is a full driver). All Hotfix means is that it did not go through the full qualifications.

    Here's the 9.12 HF drivers:

    Also a 10.2 HF if you feel like trying a bunch of drivers:
  5. Thanks for the links

    Can you try dirt2 on your PC at 1680x1050 2x AA high detail and tell me if you see any lag shuttering of the car/truck ?
  6. I have before on Ultra, 1680x1050, 4xMSAA and it ran great if I did the Windowed => Alt-Enter method. Otherwise in some random areas driving and in replay the game would slow down significantly.
  7. So would i change full screen to False ? then when in game hit alt-enter ?
  8. Well i got it working good

    I had to uninstall CCC and just use the 10.2 drivers and i installed ATI tray tools ( not sure if it was something in the CCC ) but when i played dirt2 @ 1680x1050 it lagged hard.

    Now i can play in 1680x1050 with 4XMSAA on Ultra and get 30 FPS around the track with no slowing down

  9. Interesting. I've never tried it without CCC installed.
  10. You should be getting more than 30FPS, I run Dirt 2 with everything at max 1920 x 1080 no AA and get 60-70FPS all the time. I'm using the 10.2's
    Using a 5850 at stock with a ci7920 @4Ghz 3GB of OCZ triple channel 1200mhz 7-7-7-21
  11. Yeah you have Vsync off, i didn't check it that way, i have it on so no tearing.
  12. Well a update, the link i use to dload the drivers worked today. I had to uninstall ati tray tools do to punkbuster, anyways i put the CCC 10.2 back in and ran dirt2 on 1680x1050 2XMSAA ultra setting with VSYNC on it ran like butter ( not sure the FPS ) because fraps was removed also.

    Anyways its working well

    Question what do you guys use to check FPS ? the in game benchmark tool ?

    Thanks for the info and help
  13. That's all I used to get real numbers. Beyond that all I care is whether it looks reasonably fluid to my eyes or not.
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