I5 3570k OC

After running into so much problem with my new build (replaced gpu mother board and a new case) now i can have fun OCing my build...
At the moment I already oced my CPU and is very stable at 4.1ghz with only 1.15v but i left my Vdroop and Voltage offset to auto and also enabled power saving option after i completed stress testing. i dont know if this is smart move but since i did not have any crashes neither during stress testing or in game i think it is looking pretty good =)

Now if i want to push it to 4.4 ghz i know ill need to crank up voltage but what about Vdroop and offset voltage? vdroop doesnt have disabling option anyway in asrock z77 ex4 so i would leave that on auto :sweat: but have no clue how to balance out offset?

Pretty new to OC so if im doing something wrong please correct me..

i5 3570k
CoolerMaster 212 evo
Evga gtx 680 SC
Samsung 830 SSD 120GB
CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 800w
Cosair Vengence 8GB 1866mhz
Asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo
CoolerMaster Haf 932 Adv full atx Case
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  1. I will post my OC when I get home I got 4.4 very stable and at low voltage
  2. Your Vdroop is affected by LLC - every bios is different, typically you will have a setting of 1-5, or if not numerical it will say stuff like low medium high etc. Turn LLC to medium-high for 4.4GHZ overclock, this should minimize the vdroop enough.

    With your setup, temperatures are your worst enemy. You should be running the proper programs to verify temperatures while doing stress tests - if you don't know what I am talking about - you should not be overclocking that high.

    You should be carefull here though. I believe you should NOT leave offset voltage on auto for a overclock that high - the voltage spikes may be very unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

    I personally don't use offset to overclock, so use caution, and make sure you have read enough guides to know what you are doing.
  3. I posted this earlier if you scroll down I give all my info for my voltage ect...

  4. how much did you pay for your build not including GPU?
  5. Im using HW Monitor and for stress testing aida64 and yes i am looking very close to temp and so far with only CM Hyper 212 i am getting good temperatures thats why i want to see how much i can push with air cooler but i need advice on offset and LLC... Id like to know where i should start testing off set at?
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