I recently purchased an Intel e8400 cpu and this Motherboard >

I am so confused here... what RAM should I get? DDR3 pc6400, 8500, 10600, 12800, 14900 or 17000???

I'm looking for at least 4GB of RAM... I'm open for any advice or ideas on what module I should get.
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  1. Look for some pc8500 ddr3 used if you can on craigslist. It's 1066 and you should be able to find a pair for $30-50. You can buy the faster 1333 or 1600 if you want; it will run at the slower speed. Stick with crucial, corsair, kingston, or samsung (hynix).
  2. If your buying new I'd say 1333 will get you the best price.

    The following will be about the best deal you can get for $55:
  3. So basically this specific mobo is only compatible with the PC3-8500 or PC3-10600 modules?
  4. If I stick this bad boy in there > will my system give me boot errors at startup?

    Will it boot into the OS and only utilize the slower speed which I'm guessing is 1066?

    Sorry for being such a noob... been a while since I did a proper build.
  5. That ram should work, when you boot it will run @ 1066 mode, and you would have top go into the BIOS and manually increase the speed, set the timing, and voltage.
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