[omfg im a moron. SOLVED] Computer not beeping upon startup.

Hey guys. So i just put together, for the first time, my computer. All the fans are running, led's light up, dvd drive open/closes, cpu fan runs, gpu fan runs, psu fan runs, little green light on mobo lights up. However, I was under the impression the motherboard should beep upon post. Now, the first time i did this, it was one long continuous beep because i only put one 6 pin into my video card (5870). I shut it all down, opened it up, plugged another 6 pin from the PSU into the vid card. Started it up, everything running but no beeping. No beeps, no long beep, no video.

I will admit, i was using memory that is NOT listed in my Asus mobo booklet. My fault, i know. I checked cpu compatibility and that was it. I just ordered new compatible memory. Anyways, would using memory that isnt compatible cause this to not beep or show video? I tried it with 1 stick and with no memory and same thing (no beeps, no long beep, no video). I thought if i didnt use any memory that it would beep. Didnt happen.

I did read the sticky. I'm not sure what else to do.

Thanks for your time, everyone!
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  1. What board are you using? Be specific, and please give us the details of your rig.

    What memory was not on the HCL, and what is the new kit?

  2. Asus M4A79XTD EVO (1.02g, lists it as having the correct # for my cpu.... atleast i think so)
    AMD Phenom II 945 Deneb 3.0 ghz AM3 95W C3
    OCZ Gold 4gb ddr3 1600 Dual Channel (this is what is NOT listed in the booklet, model OCZ3G16004GK)
    HIS Radeon HD 5870 1gb
    Seagate 500gb HDD
    Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W

    the Gold isnt listed, i just ordered G.SKILL 4GB (2x2) DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F3-10666CL8D-4GBHK which is listed in the booklet.

    Let me know if you need anything else.
  3. Yeah try one stick at a time. But also make sure it is properly seated. I know I've experienced that problem before.

    Also the thing about memory, memory is memory. As long as your board said it supported a dd3 (where ddr2 wouldn't even physically fit) then you should be fine. Set everything to "auto" or "default" in your bios regarding the memory timings.

    But ofcourse run a memory test.
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    Thanks! Alright, let's see..

    Just as a precaution, make sure everything is properly seated and firmly in place. (CPU, Heatsink, GPU, RAM, etc.)

    I'm sure you've taken care of it, but you can never be too sure.

    Can you try to go into the BIOS? Is anything showing up on the screen?

    Also make sure the RAM is installed in the proper slots! I made this mistake with my triple channel setup.

    Good Luck.
  5. Nothing comes up on the screen. It just says it isnt receiving any signal from the computer and its going into power save mode.

    Tried each stick by itself in the recommended color (blue) in slot a and b. No dice.

    I guess the next step is to undo everything, take it out and start over (short of taking the heatsink and cpu out...
  6. Well, if you put some custom TIM between the heatsink and CPU, then make sure it isn't shorting anything out or bleeding.

    I'll take it you installed standoffs under the motherboard too... Make sure they're there.

    Well, take everything apart, put it back together, and go from there, but FIRST:

    Check the link between the monitor and the 5870. Make sure the monitor works, make sure the cable works, make sure it's properly connected to both the monitor and the 5870. Make sure the 5870 is properly seated. just in case, take it out and put it back in. It's possible you dislodged it while inserting the other 6-pin connector.

    Well, good luck again. Hope the computer turns out OK. :)
  7. Well, i took it all apart except the cpu and heatsink. Put it all back in, and it works now. I did two things different. I used different screws with mini washers to secure the mobo in and i bent the tabs for the vid card back as the back (towards back of the case) was not seating 100%. I also put a piece of plastic between the vid card and my wireless card (its in the 2nd small pci slot) as i could move the vid card side to side (towards the top and bottom of case) a solid 1/4 inch. So it could be the connection inside the pci slot was loose.

    Thanks you guys for your input and suggestions. I appreciate your time! So 6 hours and 7 beers later, it works. Now to install windows 7 and set it all up. Wish me luck!!

    Thanks again guys!
  8. Yup, that will do it.

    Good thing it's all in order, and have fun with the new computer. :D
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