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I'm about to build my own PC...with the budget I have right now, I have a really good rig planned with an AMD Phenom II Quad core processor. My previous PC was an old Athlon system with a 64 bit OS. I've noticed that some programs had problem with the AMD 64 bit processors. Is that a problem witht eh 64bit CPU or the 64bit OS b/c I had both and could not tell which was which. Are the Core 2 or the i5's 64bit as well? thanks
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  1. All current line of processors are native 64 bits.. The problems you had may have been caused by the apps (not being fully compatible with the 64 bit OS)..
  2. So the 64bit problem is mostly with the OS?
  3. Yes, all Core 2 series and ix processors, as well as Athlon 64s support both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, it would most definitely be the OS.
  4. There is no more 64bit problem anymore. When Windows XP 64 bit came out it was buggy and had driver issues. This was cleaned up in Vista x64 and pretty much perfected in Windows 7 x64. I have run Windows 7 x64 for over a year including betas and the RC and have yet to have an issue related to 64bit.
  5. Emperus said:
    All current line of processors are native 64 bits.

    To be pedantic, the processors mentioned in the original post are, but some current Atom variants are still 32-bit.
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