Having trouble with mounting fans

As you can see, I can't orient this Venomous X heatsink in the normal direction because the top exhaust fan is in the way. So I'm facing it towards the top exhaust instead of the back exhaust. Which way should the fan I am mounting be blowing?

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  1. I'd personally put it on the lower side of the heatsink, pushing air through the fins towards the top fan. Nice HSF by the way :)
  2. Thanks Jack, its very sharp, therefore its name haha. Yeah I can only mount it on the lower side, there's not enough clearance on the top. I meant this. Do I attach it the first way facing outward, or the second? The first, with the words, is where the motor is.

  3. Text facing out, so it pulls air through the heat sink and out the exhaust. The other way you are working against the exhaust fan.
  4. Oh, I get it. Just plug it in and power your PC on. I have two CoolerMaster fans for exhaust right now that had to be mounted backwards, because they're designed for radiators.
  5. Somewhere on the body of the fan, you should see an arrow indicating direction of air flow. The label generally indicates the exhaust side of the fan.
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