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Hello, I currently have an AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor BE-2400 2.31 GHz. I recently purchased Modern Warfare 2 and this processor falls embarassingly short of running it, especially in multiplayer. I know it's a rather old processor, but what would be the best and cheapest upgrade for me?
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  1. What motherboard do you have? Normally I'd say to upgrade the graphics card but an Athlon 64 X2 2.31GHz probably would bottleneck anything mid-range nowadays.
  2. update ur processor and gpu. try i7 if u affort.
  3. if your board can take it, the x2 240 can run mw2 gr8
  4. None. If there is bottlenecking happening, it is somewhere else in your system. Please provide your complete system specs.

    I have a radeon 3870 and 2GB of memory. I ran tests using fraps in the MW2 "the pit" special ops. Even with only two cores on my Athlon IIx4 enabled and them clocked down to 1.25GHz, there was no change in framerate (from 72-75FPS). I ran at 1920x1080 on "high" with specmap enabled and AA disabled.

    You need to tell us the rest of your system so we can figure out what to upgrade. Most likely, it will be your graphics card. MW2 runs fine with 2GB of memory. Currently, for you, I would recommend a radeon 3870/4770/5670. I would recommend a radeon 3850/4670 at the least for those settings. Also, specmap makes a huge difference in performance; disable it. Your monitor resolution is also relevant.
  5. Quote:
    That's because at 1920.1080 the load is mostly on the gpu. At lower resolutions the load is more on the cpu.

    Indeed. However, at a lower resolution, the FPS will still be increased, even if there is now a CPU bottleneck. It will bottleneck at a higher FPS than it would at a higher resolution.

    At 1280x720, At 1.25GHz 2 cores only, average FPS was 83FPS, up from 73 for 1920x1080. However, at 0.75GHz dual core, it was the same at average 50FPS. 3.25GHz quad got me to 123FPS.
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