Better Heatsink or Water Cooling for OC?

I want to overclock my i5 3570k to 4.4GHz from its 3.4GHz default.

The processor with default speed @ 3.4 it runs around 80 C when I use prime95 to max it out, but when I set it to 4.4 It runs at about 95+ C max load.

I only have $75 right now and this is all my money I have after I spent it on getting my new computer, so nothing to expensive.

The heatsink I have on now is the one that came with the processor, and I want to either get a new one that will keep my processor under 80 C while running at 4.4GHz or some water cooling. I got plenty of space and 4 case fans for a bulky heatsink and room for water cooling. Also, I live near compusa now known as tigerdirect so if you can, recommend something from there.

Final thing is that, is it even worth it to get a new source of cooling. I usually monitor my temps and other specs on my other monitor if i'm playing games or other stuff, so I know if something starts getting hot I stop it.
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  1. Water cooling could be either Closed loop or custom. Corsair H100i is very good for a closed loop system. Or you can buy a proper Air cooler. (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo)
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    well prime 95 is an extreme. whats in run at in your most demanding application. if its under 70c there i would delay till you can get a great cooler. better to buy it once than buy one now and want a better one later.

    but if your not planning more excessive overclocks then any of these will do.
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