Ati 4850 better than the 9800gt?

I currently have a bfg 9800gt( ). It is actually lower powered core clock and shader clock because of the 'ecointelligence' thing.
Would an ati radeon 4850 be better than it? What about a 4830?

I am highly considering getting a 4850 or even a 4830 if they are better performance.
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  1. A 4850 performs similar to a GTS250 which is a 9800GTX+. While the 4850 would provide better performance i dont think that it would be worth the upgrade. A 4870/5770 or GTX260 would provide you a decent benefit though.

    The hierarchy chart puts a 9800GT equal to a 4830, and two tiers below a 4850. You wont see a very significant difference unless its about 3 tiers or more away on the hierarchy chart so i would definitely save up a bit more and get a 5770 when they drop in price a little bit.,2544-7.html
  2. Yes, it is better. The 9800GT ECO is a very striped edition of the 9800GT in order to get power requirements under 76W.
  3. Yes the 4850 is better than the 9800GT by a significant amount. Of course, it uses more power tho, especially compared to low power "eco" 9800GT.
  4. i have never used the low power version of the 9800GT, I assume its similar to a 9600GT.

    but I have owned or do own the following Nvidia cards.

    9600GT factory OC
    GTS 250

    the GTS 250 gives similar performance to the ATI 4850 and I would not recommended upgrading from a 9800GT to a GTS 250. I suggest the next higher card, GTX 260 or ATI 4870. The performance increase you get from going one tier to the next is not that substantial in real game play.
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