Finally Found My Prob Now Need Help Fixing It

Ok so i found that the problem with my comp crashing is that 1 core of my cpu is always up over 90% i googled it and found that drivers can cause this issue.
neway i found if i uninstall my graph card sound drivers then restart it runs perfect but the drivers reinstall themselves. i think the problem is that the 2 graph cards have HDMI (with sound out) and i think it conflicts with my mobo on board sound does anyone know how to fix this.

More info and things i have tried:
The graph cards are XFX HD4890's
the MoBo is DFI Lanparty DK 790fxb M2RSH

i have tried disabling the drivers does not work
if i uninstall them it works for 1 boot then if i restart they reinstall and it does the same cpu thing

Thanx for any help :)
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  1. As far as I am aware the graphics cards only output sound and do not have any dedicated sound chip on board so disabling the onboard sound will not cure the problem.

    When you checked for your problem did you use task manager and check the performance TAB ? you can very easily see which processes are putting load on your system - I would start from here first.
  2. When you installed the ATI driver did you uncheck the HDMI drivers?
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    Uninstall your drivers. Restart in safe mode and use Driver Sweeper to remove left over reminants.
    Restart computer. Cancel out of New hardware found wizard.
    Start the driver install manually. Select advanced Install options.
    Remove checkmark from sound driver install.
    Finish installing video card drivers.
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  5. i installed vista and no probs lols... well except for the fact that its vista
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