Improper display (on my HDTV) before Windows boots up

I use my HDTV as my computer display. It is hooked up to my graphics card by a DVI-HDMI cable.

When building a new system (with graphics card carried over), I found that the pre-windows bootup display is at an improper resoution so that some of the POST text goes off-screen. This is a minor matter.

Another problem is that this system is configured to be dual-boot, but the boot selection screen doesn't really show up. I mean that it is actually present, only I can't see it (black screen). I am able to press the arrow key and boot to whichever OS I wan't, but it would be nice to be able to see the choices. I suspect this has something to do with the pre-bootup display signal and maybe the DVI/HDMI cable. Can anyone help solve?

Once it enters windows, the display is fine.
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  1. When you use HDMI or component video, you will never be able to see the boot up screens. The display will become active only once windows starts.

    If you have a vga or dvi port on the tv, if you hook it to the computer, then you will see everything...downside is sound will not be carried...there are trade offs.
  2. Hmm.. will need to check if I have VGA port. I doubt it. I don't need to carry audio signal, as I route that separately from the mobo to the AVR. It's just that I like the HDMI - neat, compact, easy.

    Another thing: why is it that I see the POST messages, the 'press key to continue' sort of thing, and the other BIOS related messages? The only thing that I don't see is what's between this and the Windows logo screen, ie., the dual-boot option screen. Earlier, when I had a single boot system (hooked up between the same graphics card and the same TV by the same DVI/HDMI cable), I never noticed that I missed any screen output.
  3. The post messages is a puzzler...on my units, when I use hdmi, I don't see anything until the desktop.

    if you have two monitors, the messages may be going to the other one.
  4. It's just the one monitor, but no big deal, I'll just let it be.
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