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What did it? ( no boot)

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March 13, 2010 11:08:28 PM

Just bought a new computer and am trying to diagnose a very strange boot error.

Details: (testing build) EVGA E758-A1 3-Way SLI (x16/x16/x8) LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail 3x 2 gig dominator ram , intel I7 930 cpu. dark beret ABS 1000 watt PSU.

When power is on and on button is pushed the LED would all light up and the Fans would start and than everything would die and a few seconds later it would do the same thing again with a clicking sound in the background and a burning smell.

suspect #1 power supply

At First I thought it was this due to the nature of the error but I also tryed a old 500 watt with minimal build and got the same result.

suspect 2: motherboard
Lots of users , popular board , but a large number of haters of EVGA over rebates and the everpreasent DOA'rs. primary suspect at this point as the lights are what told me it was the power supply. also explains error.

suspect 3# Cpu - Ram
I doubt it , I cant even get a post and 930s are not knowen to fail and crossiar dominator ram is top quality.

any other ideas or is one of the above at fault?

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March 14, 2010 8:47:15 PM

Did you actualy read the post? I did everything and thats where it went wrong! I cant get a post because the computer cannot power on correctly , the fans start , led come on and than it all shuts down and a few seconds later trys again. with a clicking sound not from the fans or PSU + burning smell.

I was asking for a opinion so nothing else got screwed up. If I had the money - extra parts to test everything individualy I wouldt be in this prediciment! (with no spell checker either.)