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Hey guys,

So I just installed a new motherboard in an ACER, and when I got it all running it would not load the original OS (windows vista). So I was able to take the hard drive out and back it all up before installing Windows 7, I could not upgrade from Vista so I had to install the full version. When the install was complete I then restored all the info from the backup. The problem is that it didnt delete everything from the Hardrive so now the restore is done and I have a FULL hard drive because it duplicated all the Info that didnt get deleted. And it wont let me delete the duplicates because it says the files are open somewhere else yet nothing is open or i need access from trustedinstaller to delete. So how do i go about deleting the folders and files?

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  1. Download and try this:

    I use it and it is very effective for data folders. However, it is NOT recommended for the OS folders.
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