HELP! Corsair Vengeance 12GB running at 964mhz

Hi I just upgraded my 8GB 4x2GB 1066mhz Crucial DDR3 ram to Corsair Vengenace 12GB 3x4GB 1600mhz DDR3 ram after turning it on I went on the bios and found out that the rams where running at 964mhz for some reason so I used CPU-Z to make sure. After fiddling with the bios I have changed the DRam Frequency to 1606 as 964,1284,1606,1928 was my only options onit, I also changed the Dram voltage to 1.5v which apparently is the recommended voltage for the Corsair Vengeance and I also profile setting thing to 9-9-9-24 as that what it said on the site. So after restarting and looking at the bios it now says that the rams are running at 1606 does that mean their running at 1600mhz then? :) I know it's a silly question but just making sure :(

Also is it normal that my Dram voltage is higher than my CPU voltage? as currently I'm running amd athlon ii x4 640 @ 3.6ghz 1.375v :)

Lastly my motherboard only supports dual channel so would it make any difference if I take out one of the 4GB so that it would run at 8GB dual channeled? :D

Thanks alot.

Just incase anyone wants to know I'm using Asrock 970 extreme 3 mobo and OCZ 750w psu

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  1. The speed it shows in your bios is the true speed. The "DRAM Frequency" it shows in CPU-Z is half of the speed so you have to multiply that by 2 to get your actual speed.

    Since your motherboard only supports dual channel 2 sticks will run in dual channel and the other 4GB will run in single channel. (if i'm wrong someone will correct me but i'm pretty sure that's how it works)

    Also yes it is fine that your ram voltage is higher than your CPU voltage 1.5V is the proper voltage for that RAM.

    Everything looks good!
  2. I have never received "Best Answer" So if this helped you and answered all your questions i would appreciate it.
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