First timer

Im new to water cooling and never done anything like this
What is a parts list to go off, eg what do I need to make a complete loop?

My current rig is:
Fx-8350 @4.8 (ive had 5ghz but temps wasnt worth it)
Sabertooth 990fx
12 corsair xms3 1333
2x radeon 7950
Corsair tx750m
Dvd rw
8 Channel fan controller
120gb sandisk extreme Ssd
1tb wd hdd
Antec lanboy air case

I dont want anything spectacular ive only got about 250pound to spend
I am in the uk and would prefer parts from
Im trying to find a way to mount two 240mm rad

Any help would be great
Thanks very much
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  1. Bump
  2. Have you read the sticky yet?
    It really is the barrier of entry to the Water-Cooling forums, you reading it will clear up a lot of things so we don't have to take ages explaining it to you.
  3. Please do not bump- the response given prior to your bump is a valid one and does not require an attempt to yield a different response.

    We aren't going to spoon feed you answers. Knowing what you need, why you need it and how to install and maintain watercooling gear is very much in your best interest to understand before purchasing and installing.
  4. Didnt ask to be spoon fed at all,
    All i wanted to know what is nreded to make a complete loop then i get a smart arse remark like that,
    I thought this was a forum? To be used for help which is what a wanted i cant always get to a computer to reply read things etc
    So i ask for help, very busy lot of the time too so that doesnt help either. Sorry for hostility but i asked a general question.
    And to ansure your question yes i did read the sticky
    Just thought id ask for further help
    Sorry if thats too much of a problem
  5. KO so is it that you want to know what products to avoid like the plague?

    Or would you like someone to look at what you have put together already before purchase?

    We will most likely not do the work for you unless we are doing it for ourselves anyway
  6. Lol ino that, but thats what im saying. I dont expect anyone to do anything for me,
    And yeah that would be a great start (what to avoid) why do people say dont get 'ek nickel'?

    Thanks alot
  7. because it is not all nickel what ever thay add to it makes it corrode koolance is fine XSPC swiftech alphacomp bitspower phyoba and a few others remember with water cooling you get what you pay for if you go cheep expect issues lots of little issues.
  8. Yeah I did expect you too say that, but thats like everything. You only get what you pay for.
    I was looking at an ek kit but now im changing my mind.
    Well ive only heard good things about xspc so ill probs start looking there.
    Is there a minimum amount of rads you need to have, eg ive got an 8350 and 2 7950s, if i was to wc the lot would a 240mm rad and 2 120mm rads be enough?

    Thanks alot
  9. It wasn't my intention to come off that way, but you may have perceived my response differently than how it was intended. I mentioned what I did because you were given a response to your initial question and then ignored it and bumped your own thread for additional info.

    why do people say dont get 'ek nickel'?

    This is covered in the sticky.

    Is there a minimum amount of rads you need to have, eg ive got an 8350 and 2 7950s, if i was to wc the lot would a 240mm rad and 2 120mm rads be enough?

    This also is covered in the sticky.

    Please read the sticky.
  10. Ill have a proper look tomorrow when im on the pc,
    How do i know the fpi of a rad? Will it say in the manufacturers website?
    Ive seen a few rads, some 40+mm and others 60+mm thick, obviously yhe thicker ones are more effective but by how much? Is it worth the extra space?

  11. Rad space is very indicative of it's performance...thicker rads have more fin and tube surface area to dissipate more heat energy. Most manufacturers post the FPI density of their rads but if they do not, Google around a bit, you can usually find something. The vast majority are low to medium density- 10-20 FPI for adaptability with low or high speed fans based no user preference.
  12. TM just made me laugh very hard for a good 10 minutes :) - plague :lol:

    @ marcd2011 - alot of things have been covered in the sticky, alot of effort and dedication went into compiling info so as to guide the potential watercooler to a good start. Alot of the answers are there to begin with, fine tuning is something on our end but if you come with laymen questions like FPI(which mind you) is also covered in the sticky.

    True you may be busy but watercooling is also a hobby, if you don't have time for it, something else is in order for you. In this particular case - going air cooling would be best.

    ^ Its not discouragement, its your dedication that's come under fire :)

    Once you read the sticky a couple of times, your structure of asking questions will change - and you'll begin to feel that way too.

    TM + Rubix have already mentioned it, if you skimp on your knowledge base and the loop, you are asking for trouble(thought it may seem little but they'll take a lot of your time)

    How much rad?What sort of rad to look for? What sort of fans? What to avoid? How to fill without filling yourself? What to fill? and yada yada yada...all from the sticky mate!
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