8800gts vs. 9800gt eco

I currently have a bfg 9800gt ecointelligence. It is less performance than the normal 9800gt because it does not require a 6 pin conector....

Though I found a 8800gts (g92) on newegg for 90 bucks ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814143119&nm_mc=OTC-Channel&cm_mmc=OTC-channel-_-Video+Cards-_-BFG+Technologies-_-14143119&srccode=cii_7240466&cpncode=23-10310399&DEPA=0&refer=channel&CMP=OTC- )

Knowing that the 9800gt is equivilant to the 8800gt, and my version of the 9800gt is weaker than the normal 9800gt, than the 8800gts would be better overall right?
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  1. Well, I would say the performance difference wouldn't be significant enough to justify buying the 8800gts, if there's even a difference at all. You should be fine with the 9800gt eco. However, I would go with a ATI 4670 instead!

  2. 4670 is way weaker in performance than 9800gt eco, just to mention. I suggest going to 5770 for a significant performance increase per buck.
  3. If you want a preformance boost, you want a 5850 or SLI 9800gt eco, nothing else worth the cash.
  4. 9800GT Eco ~= 9600GT. If there was an 9700GT, the 8800GTS would fill it.

    In other words, you're not getting a good upgrade. If you're upgrading for $90, get a GTS250.
  5. GTS250=8800GT rebrand. All the cards are the same. If you want a upgrade, buy a 5850. Now thats a upgrade.
  6. Isn't there a difference between the 9800gt (8800GT) and the 9800GTX? Or is the 9800GTX the 8800GTX?
  7. There is no huge diffrence that is worth you're money. If you realy want a upgrade, but a 5850. Nothing else wold give enough of a preformance gain to be worth you're cash.
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